Rules & Procedures


Article 1
The group is a non-profit making members´ organisation, which shall be known as the Nordic Pharma Licensing Group (hereinafter NPLG), the affairs of which will be conducted by an elected Committee.

Article 2
The aim of NPLG shall be to provide a forum in which members can meet at regular intervals to consider matters of general interest in the field of pharmaceutical, diagnostics, medical device and/or biotechnology intellectual property and technology transfer. NPLG will not enter into contentious matters affecting individual NPLG members.

Article 3
The following shall be eligible to join NPLG by invitations of its Committee.
a) Individuals who are active in the transfer of intellectual property and technology and who are salaried employees of a pharmaceutical, diagnostics, medical device, biotechnology company, relevant service providers, science park and/or university.
b) Several individuals may be members from the same company, but a maximum of three (3) members are eligible to vote from each company.
c) Each member may invite one guest to a meeting.
d) Members from other Pharma Licensing Group organisations may participate at meetings.
e) The Committee in their discretion shall have the right in special circumstances to admit to membership persons who do not otherwise qualify.
f) The Committee shall have the right to withdraw full membership from any member who is no longer eligible or who acts to the detriment of the best interests of NPLG or who has failed to attend on a regular basis. The member shall have the right of appeal to the Annual General Meeting.

Article 4
For the purposes of managing NPLG and defraying NPLG’s meeting expenses each member is charged a membership fee, which is fixed at the Annual General Meeting of NPLG. The membership fee shall be DKK 1000 until otherwise decided by the members of NPLG. The Committee at their discretion are empowered to raise revenue on top of the membership fee to cover extraordinary meeting expenses. This will be done by charging the attendees of the meeting directly the sum in question.

Article 5
The affairs of NPLG shall be run by a Committee, the members of which shall be elected by members of NPLG either present at the Annual General Meeting or by written proxy as provided below:
a) There shall be three (3) or five (5) Committee members each of whom shall serve for two (2) years.
b) The Committee shall appoint a Chairman and a Treasurer following each Annual General Meeting from among the members of the Committee. The Committee may appoint a Secretary.
c) Retiring Committee members shall be eligible for re-election.
d) Nominations of candidates who have consented to be nominated for Committee membership shall be made in writing to a Committee member or the Secretary 30 days in advance of the Annual General Meeting.
e) More than one person from any one Company, or affiliates of the company, may serve on the Committee at any one time, but in such case they may only cast one vote in the Committee.
f) The Committee shall have the power to co-opt additional members.

Article 6
One to two meetings will be held during each year, including one Annual General Meeting, and the Committee shall give all members at least 45 days notice of the date of the meeting.

Article 7
These Rules and Procedures may only be changed at an Annual General Meeting of NPLG as follows:
a) Any proposal for a change to the Rules and Procedures will be raised at the Annual General Meeting.
b) Every amendment under (a) shall be put to the meeting by the Chairman and accepted or rejected by a simple majority of those members present   and voting.
c) The proposal in the form finally agreed shall then be put to the Meeting with no seconder required and either accepted or rejected by a simple majority of those members present and voting.
d) The Chairman shall not vote except in the event of a tie in which case the Chairman shall have the casting vote.
(As adopted on the Annual Meeting of NPLG in Copenhagen on April 23, 2009)