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Invite 2 potential guests to join the network!

We ask you all to invite 2 potential guests to join NPLG events in 2015 hoping they will be become members thereafter! They can be from any of the Nordic countries. Please find the planned events here.

We hope that you will support this initiative.

NPLG events for 2015

Planned events
We have now planned 3 events for 2015 so far:

1) March 4, 2015 . Spring networking dinner and Annual General Assembly.
Speaker Ole Wiborg: “From Cod to Cash – how a fish enzyme is transformed into a global OTC business”

2) June 16, 2015. Networking dinner during BIO 2015 in Philadelphia (Free of charge and open for Scandinavians) Limited to 25 persons.

3) October 29, 2015. Autumn networking dinner. Speaker to be announced.

Please do already note the dates in your calendar and send a mail to Nicoline ( informing of the events that you are tentatively planning to be attending – as usual a final ‘binding’ invite will be forwarded 2 months ahead of each of events.